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Find Out Why We're So Popular
Customer satisfaction is how we built our business!
Flex Classes & the Most Options!
We teach the most students in the area!
The Top Choice for Parents & Teens!
We teach the most Stamford teens

We are Teaching Classes Virtually - Get Your Classroom Done Now!

Existing Students:

Log into your account to register for classes –  CLICK HERE – there’s a calendar below of upcoming classes. You can retrieve your login credentials with the link above.

16 & 17 Year Olds Have Two Options 

New Classroom Only Package for Your Convenience

 In response to Covid-19 we have developed the easiest and quickest possible program to get you your driver’s license.

This package comes with our 30-Hours of Classroom instruction (including the 8-Hour Safe Driving Practices Course). Then, as we continue eliminating our driving lesson backlog you can add on your 8-hours of driving lessons to complete the Full Teen Course. Our waiting time has been drastically reduced!

ALL 30 Hours of Classroom instruction for only $297.00

Enroll Now – CLICK HERE

8-Hour Safe Driving Practices Course ONLY - 16 & 17 Year Olds

This is the class required to be eligible to take your driving test

Only $150.00 – Includes Mandatory Parent Class

Enroll now – CLICK HERE – use skip button at the bottom after selecting the class
Learn more information – CLICK NOW

Students 18 Years Old & Older

Enroll Now – CLICK HERE

Learn More Information – CLICK HERE 

This Week's Classes

You can see the entire week’s schedule for any week going forward, or click on a specific day to see just that day’s schedule.

november 23, 2020november 29, 2020

  • aug 31, 2020sep 06, 2020
  • sep 07, 2020sep 13, 2020
  • sep 14, 2020sep 20, 2020
  • sep 21, 2020sep 27, 2020
  • sep 28, 2020oct 04, 2020
  • oct 05, 2020oct 11, 2020
  • oct 12, 2020oct 18, 2020
  • oct 19, 2020oct 25, 2020
  • oct 26, 2020nov 01, 2020
  • nov 02, 2020nov 08, 2020
  • nov 09, 2020nov 15, 2020
  • nov 16, 2020nov 22, 2020
  • nov 23, 2020nov 29, 2020
  • nov 30, 2020dec 06, 2020
  • dec 07, 2020dec 13, 2020
  • dec 14, 2020dec 20, 2020
  • dec 21, 2020dec 27, 2020
  • dec 28, 2020jan 03, 2021
  • jan 04, 2021jan 10, 2021
  • jan 11, 2021jan 17, 2021
  • jan 18, 2021jan 24, 2021
  • jan 25, 2021jan 31, 2021
  • feb 01, 2021feb 07, 2021
  • feb 08, 2021feb 14, 2021
  • feb 15, 2021feb 21, 2021

No Events

Picking the Driving School

We’ve helped thousands, and thousands of drivers from Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Darien, Cos Cob, Riverside and more learn how to drive! Our student-focused approach puts you first, and we’re structured so your driver’’s ed experience will best suite your needs.

Class Schedule By Month

november, 2020

mon30nov3:00 PMmon5:10 PMFull Teen Course – Distant LearningClass #1 – Distant Learning3:00 PM – 5:10 PM est Virttual Classroom

mon30nov6:00 PMmon8:10 PMAdult 8 Hour Safe Driving Practices CourseDistance Learning Class for Students 18 Years Old, and Older6:00 PM – 8:10 PM EST Virttual Classroom

Driver education is a service for a community, and we take that responsibility seriously! As Stamford’s driving school we are committed to offering you the most driver’s education classroom options, for both teens and adults, we’re here to help you get a driving license, every step of the way! But, it doesn’t stop there! We have the area’s largest fleet of cars, so we can offer you affordable driving lessons, when it’s convenient for you! our teen driver training programs is designed to offer our students what they need… not just satisfying the CT DMV regulations. And, our adult driver training program is flexible and available when you need it… because we know you need your driving  license.

"I have trusted the High Ridge Driving School to train all four of my children. They offer the most complete package including flexible scheduling, convenient location and their patient and courteous instructors are a Godsend. The entire High Ridge Driving School staff is so helpful from beginning to end. It's the only school to consider for your driver training!"
Judy Sarnelle


Classroom Flexibility: Nobody holds more classes, so you can take your driving classes on the days and times most convenient for you!   

Teens 16 & 17 Year Olds – See your class options, Click Here for our Full Teen Classes & Teen 8 Hour Safe Driving Practices Classes, nobody gives you more class options

Enroll in our Full Teen Course – Click Here – 30 Hours of Classroom & 8-Hours of on-road Instruction.

Enroll in our Teen 8-Hour Safe Driving Practices Course – Click Here – 8-hours of state-mandated instruction for 16 & 17 year olds.

Adults 18 & OlderEnroll in an Adult 8-Hour Safe Driving Practices Course – Click Here. We tailor and hold a specific class just for people 18 & older. Plus, nobody offers you more Adult 8 Hour Safe Driving Practices Classes, at the LOWEST PRICES in the area! See our Schedule – Click Here

Find the right 8-Hour Safe Driving Practices course – Click Here – we hold them virtually every weekend!

Driving Lessons

Don’t choose a driving school until you know how many cars they have dedicated to your area each day.

It’s hard to imagine, but some driving schools try and cover Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and more with just one car?!?

We have a full fleet of cars, and an entire team of teachers ready to hit the road and teach.

That’s why we give the most driving lessons in our area!

We offer lessons 7-days a week, from sun-up until after the sun sets, nobody offers you more driving lesson opportunities!

We Offer Discounted Driving Lessons for Our Classroom Students!

Sign Up Now for Driving Lessons:

Adult Classroom Students – Click Here

Teen 8-Hour Class Students – Click Here

Adults Without Classroom Training – Click Here

Teens Without Classroom Training – Click Here


We get it… there’s only one reason you’ve take driving school classes… you want to get a Connecticut Driver’s License! We make getting your driving license easy!

Yet, some schools don’t offer testing at their location. And, they don’t offer you a car to use for your driving test… it doesn’t make sense to us!

You can take the driving test at our location (assuming you’re between 16 and 21 years old).

We can also provide you with one of our cars to use at a Connecticut DMV branch. We REALLY help you get your license!

Locally Owned and Operated Since 2005. Discover Why We're the Area's #1 Driving School

Offering the Most Why Settle for Less?

NOBODY's More Flexible


Teen Driver Training

For a family, when a child becomes a teen driver it’s both an exciting and nervous time! sWe offer everything a teenager needs to be a good, safe driver! Our Full Teen Course, specifically tailored and designed for new teen drivers, provides in-depth driver training and should offer parents an insurance discount. This teen driving class offers both classroom and on-road instruction.

Students can also opt for the 8-Hour Drug & Alcohol class, and finish in just 2-days! This class meets the DMV’s minimum requirements for driver’s ed. Many times parents who choose this option will want to supplement some driving lessons with this class, and all of our on-road driving lessons are 1-on-1 (student/teacher) and after the lesson, you’ll receive an email with the instructor’s feedback. Plus, several times a month the DMV comes and tests our students!

Get all the details here

Adult Driver Training

We’re a true full-service driving school. We provide adults with EVERYTHING they need to get a driving license. We offer advice and assistance from the permit to the actual driving test. We help both residents and those people looking to obtain a Drive Only license.

Every new driving license applicant must take the 8-Hour Drug & Alcohol class and we offer it in English, Spanish and Polish, plus we have a study guide available in 40 different languages! We hold these classes multiple times a week, and our classes are flexible to meet your needs. Once you have your permit, we can offer you driving lessons 7-days a week, and as Stamford’s oldest driving school we’re experienced with both new, and nervous drivers.

Plus, when it comes to taking the driving test, we have vehicles available for the test!

Get all the details here