Accelerated Summer Full Teen Schedule - 16 & 17 Year Olds

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Since we're dedicated to servicing the Stamford area, we're able to do two important things: We're about to publish our accelerated summer schedule. As soon as school ends, we'll be holding up to 3 classes a day!

  1. Offer you a flexible scheduling system that can let you finish the classroom training in as little as 10 days!
  2. Day-in, day-out we have more cars dedicated to giving lessons in Stamford than ALL the other schools have... COMBINED! This makes scheduling lessons easy, convenient and we would NEVER ask a student to go to another town for training... we think that's NUTS!

We think our modern, advanced curriculum (both in-car and classroom) coupled with the most available driving hours, and most extensive classroom schedule makes us a great choice for busy teens and their parents!

You'll see our classroom schedule below. And keep in mind, we are the only school in Stamford offering you a fleet of driving school cars, and teachers offering driving lessons 7-days a week, from sun-up to after sundown.

Please contact us with any questions, thanks!

Summer 2018 Accelerated Full Teen Calendar

8-Hours of on-road training comes with this course. We offer driving lessons 7-days a week!

(6) June 2018 Accelerated Program
(7) July 2018 Accelerated Schedule
(8) August 2018 Accelerated Calendar