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Opening Statement: 

During this unprecedented time, we know that families are facing challenges never before seen. We are working together to ensure that High Ridge Driving School continues to deliver an excellent driver educational program to our students through remote learning methods.

The state of Connecticut’s DMV – Driver’s Education Unit has just authorized the ability to provide remote learning, and we want to make it available to our students, while ensuring we follow all the state’s guidelines.

In order to do this, we will be using a variety of different technology platforms, primarily through Zoom and Google. However, there may be other tools integrated into our instructional programs.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we implement this new program.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please note, for the protection of our employees we have very limited phone access, email is the best method of communication, thank you for understanding!

Please read this document in its entirety, and take ALL steps – failure to do so will prevent you from taking, and getting credit for our virtual classes.

Consent for Distance Learning (this goes with the Google Form below)

High Ridge Driving School, Inc., operating the High Ridge Driving School School (the “School”), is planning on using distance learning while we are closed.  This will require the use of various forms of technology and platforms, some of which the School has used in the past and some of which will be new. The School will be utilizing Google Products (Google Classroom, Google Hangouts Meet, Youtube private channels, etc), Zoom and other video platforms (collectively, the “Platforms”) to conduct lessons remotely via distance learning during unexpected school closures.

Through the use of Platforms students will virtually participate in their classes, communicate with teachers, classmates and other School employees, and receive other support services they ordinarily receive from the School, which may include documents and other forms of support. 

By signing below, you understand and acknowledge that while minimal, there may be risks related to the use of the Platforms, and you recognize and accept those risks for yourself. You further acknowledge and agree that you have had the opportunity to review and consent to the Terms of Service for each of the Platforms, which are linked below for specified Platforms, and authorize the School to consent to the information practices of the Platform providers to the extent required.

Google policy is found here.

Zoom policy is found here:

The School’s Acceptable Use Policy (as modified, can be found below) and other policies and procedures related to electronic communications shall apply to your participation in distance-learning classes via the Platforms. You understand and acknowledge that all of the School’s policies and procedures apply to students (you) while participating in distance learning, you understand these responsibilities, and you will ensure that you comply with all School policies while participating in distance learning.  [The School has developed a distance learning page on its website, which is here, and will be updated from time to time.  You agree to the terms set forth in the distance learning portal, as published from time to time.]

Furthermore, you understand and acknowledge that classes conducted through the Platforms may be recorded by your teacher for educational purposes and may be shared internally with other employees of the School. As a result, your image, likeness, or voice may be recorded while he or she is participating in distance learning via the Platforms, and you expressly consent to such recording and use. You further expressly agree that are not permitted to record, capture or otherwise store any content provided by the School via the Platforms or otherwise, and that it is a violation of law to reproduce content that involves other students or faculty of the School. Any such violation shall be deemed a material breach of the policies of the School.

By agreeing to this Consent Form, you give your permission to participate in the School’s distance learning opportunities and authorize the School to permit participation for you using the Platforms. You acknowledge and represent that you have read this Consent Form, fully understand it and agree to its provisions, and consent voluntarily on behalf of yourself.

Expectations for Student Conduct

Be respectful, responsible, resourceful, and accepting during class time and during down time. Following the guidelines below will help ensure your commitment to our expectations and help everyone have a positive learning experience from home.

  • Follow the class schedule.
    • Be sure that you know when you are expected to attend class and ensure that you have the proper device to do so. Your attendance will be expected and recorded!
    • Come to class on time. If a situation arises and you are unable to attend class virtually, please know you will not get credit for the class unless you’re online, and participate during all expected points during the class, including the multiple attendance checks, and ALL class participation! 
    • To receive credit for the class you must do ALL of the following:
      • Arrive on-time for class
        • Use the chat feature to indicate your are present during the multiple attendance periods
      • Participate in Class by all means asked including:
        • Question & Answer Sessions
        • Polls conducted
        • An online exam is administered at the end of class, you must complete & pass the exam,  to receive credit for the class.
        • You must sign the final quiz at the end of the class – attesting to your child’s attendance, and send an email stating that you did complete the class attendance and participation statement
          • The state of CT requires this for us to give the student credit for attending classes
  • Mute and un-mute at appropriate times.
    • As soon as you log on, mute your device. There will be a lot of feedback and background noise/distractions from everyone’s homes. You may be muted automatically, but please do so yourself if you are not.
    • In order to contribute to the conversation, you can un-mute while you’re speaking and then mute again once you’re finished.
  • Remember: you’re on camera!
    • Dress appropriately for online learning.
    • Stay attentive and engaged during class. Remove as many other distractions as you can while class is in session. Close other tabs unless instructed otherwise. This will help make sure there are few disruptions during class time.
    • Follow your teacher’s instructions carefully.
  • If you have a question, use the “chat” feature so your teacher and classmates can all see your question.
  • Remember that our technology “Acceptable Use” policies are in effect.
  • Do not take a screenshot/video of your screen while in session.
  • Submit assignments on time.
    • Please follow assignment instructions carefully and let your teacher know if any circumstances interfere with your completion of assignments.

Required Consent form to Participate in Distance Learning

If we are to provide distance learning using different forms of technology we must ask a parent of every student to complete this short consent form before attending a virtual classroom session. Access to these classes will only be made available to those students whom we have this form on file. Fill out this Form. 

Steps Needed to be Completed for Distance Learning

Students will be given access to teaching materials through their email address in our Student/Parent Portal – we strongly suggest you do the following:

Log into the Student/Parent Portal – Click Here –

On the web page linked above, you have the ability to retrieve your login credentials if you did not save this information.

  • Log into your account
  • Click the blue ‘PROFILE’ 
  • Make sure all information in your profile is correct
    • Double check the email address, this is where access to virtual classes will be sent
    • Create an easier to remember USER NAME & PASSWORD
    • NOTE – A parent will need to log into the Student/Parent Portal to attest to their child’s attendance in EVERY class – per the state of Connecticut, credit for class attendance and completion can not be given without this!