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Adult Driving License - 18 Years Old + Older

Offering Adults Help & Instruction Adult Driver’s License

  • Adult Driver Training – Get Your CS-1 Certificate

    Adult Learner’s Permit

  • Obtaining a Connecticut driver’s license

  • Adult Classroom Training 

  • Adult Driving Lessons

“Classes were very informative, they taught me a lot about the rules of the road. I am quite impressed by the level of knowledge shown by the teachers. I’m glad I chose the High Ridge Driving School”
Brittany R

Offering adults driver training and support, nobody offers you more classroom or on-road training options. We offer help getting your Connecticut driver’s license… every step of the way!

What You Need to Know

We know getting an adult driver’s license can be a confusing process, and being an adult sometimes makes it more difficult. So, we are dedicated to providing our students with the knowledge and services they need to go from a learner’s permit to obtaining an adult Connecticut driver’s license. We offer you a full array of adult training options, classroom training (the adult 8-Hour Safe Driving Practices Course) and on-road driver training. As you are about to see, there is not another driving school in Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk or anywhere in Connecticut offering new adult drivers this level of commitment and support.

Finding the Whole DMV Licensing Process Confusing?

If, you’re finding this whole process confusing, don’t stress, you’re not the only one!

We’ve taken all the information, including the DMV links and put them into one easy-to-follow document, we call it Navigating the DMV Process – Adults, and it’s yours for free!

On this page, you will find licensing information specific to the Connecticut DMV’s requirements:

  • Adult Learner’s Permit – the first step in your adult driver training – we have information and ways we can help
  • 8-Hour Safe Driving Practices Course – a mandatory class for all new adult driving license applicants, our adult classes provide driver training for students 18 & older
  • Driving LessonsFor 16 & 17 Year Olds  – For Adults 18+ One of the few schools offering them, we believe they’re critical for real adult driver training – see how you can sign up

All first-time CT driver’s license applicants need to obtain a CT Learner’s Permit.

Already a Student?

You can add additional products or services quickly through our Student Portal

Please know, the rules and requirements are different for 16 and 17-year-olds than adults.

To be issued a Learner’s Permit you will need to pass both a knowledge and a vision test. Plus, you will need to provide the proper forms of identification. To learn more about what’s necessary to obtain a learner’s permit CLICK HERE, need help studying, GET OUR PERMIT TEST PREP BOOK

Starting You Adult Driver Training - the Adult Learner's Permit

Your driver training starts by preparing for the written driver’s exam, students need to study the CT Driver’s ManualThe test is 25-questions, and you will need to answer 20 correctly to pass the test. After successfully passing this test you will be issued an Adult Learner’s Permit. Congratulations, you’ve completed the first step in obtaining an adult Connecticut driver’s license!

Unfortunately, many people find studying the manual difficult. It’s hard to isolate the content you do not know.

So, we’ve taken all the information that could be on the test and put it in the same question and answer format used by the CT DMV. If you are interested in the book, please click here.

After holding your adult learner’s permit for 120-days you will be eligible to take the on-road portion of the driving test. At your road test, you must present a CS-1 certificate. The CS-1 certificate proves you have completed an 8-Hour Drug & Alcohol/Safe Driving Practices Course. To see our schedule and enroll in this class.

Note: many students find this adult class (specifically tailored to the needs of our adult driving students) helpful when they take their knowledge test, and they take this class before applying for a learner’s permit.

Keep in mind, the CS-1 certificate you will receive for the completion of the 8-hour class never expires.

Connecticut Driver’s Manual

Download a copy of the Manual  – CT Driver Manual

All new drivers must obtain a Connecticut Learner’s permit, and a CT Learner’s Permit can only be obtained at a CT DMV location.

If you hold a driver’s license from another U.S. state or territory, Germany, France or Canada, you may transfer your license, you DO NOT need to obtain a CT Learner’s Permit. Be sure to review our lIf you hold a driver’s license from another U.S. state or territory, Germany, France or Canada, you may transfer your license, you DO NOT need to obtain a CT Learner’s Permit.

Adult Learner's Permit
Adult Learner's Permit

For new drivers who are Adults (18-years of age and older) must hold their learner’s permit for 90 days. The following people would be exempt from the 90-day permit holding requirement:

•Active military personnel stationed outside of Connecticut. Be sure to show the DMV your Military ID and orders.

•A teen permit holder who has held their permit for at least 90-days prior to it expiring on their 18th birthdate.

•Someone who has held a driver’s license in the past in another state and it’s expired more than 2-years ago, U.S. territory or another country. Must provide expired license or abstract to the DMV.

Please be sure to verify this with the CT DMV before assuming you qualify for an exemption from the holding period.

Prior to taking your on-road skills test with the DMV you will need to complete the an 8-Hour Drug & Alcohol/Safe Driving Practices Class. When you complete this class, you will be issued a CS-1 certificate.

Registering for the permit test is done on-line CLICK HERE

Please download this document (Real ID Checklist) to ensure you bring the correct identification to the DMV.