A Comprehensive Study Guide for Individuals Taking the Connecticut Permit Test

In Connecticut, residents must pass a difficult knowledge test before they will be issued a permit test. The test consists of 25 questions, and the test-taker must get 20 questions correct to pass.

The information test takers must know is contained in the CT Driver’s Manual, but after hearing from many different students, we have learned that there are 2 big problems…

1. The CT Driver’s Manual is only available for free as a CT Driver’s Manual

2. The sample test questions on the DMV’s website are too easy. MANY students have told us, “I did great on the sample test questions, but when I actually took the test, I failed!”

In our classes we cover all of the information in the CT Driver’s Manual, but many of our students want to get their permit before finishing all of our classes – plus, the day you get your permit is when the clock starts ticking on your permit holding period…

So, we created this permit test study guide!

Failing the permit test is not an uncommon occurrence. If you fail the test, you will need to probably wait on another line to reschedule the test, pay the test fee again, $19.00 and take the time to come back to the DMV and take the test again. That a lot of time and money!

That’s why we created this easy to use, and very affordable study guide. In fact, we’re holding a special Mastering the Connecticut Permit Teststudy guide sale! Normally, we sell this highly effective, and completely thorough study guide for $20.00, but during this sale, you can get the exact same book for only $10.00!

Don’t make a mistake and take the permit test unprepared, get your copy of Mastering the Connecticut Permit Test now!

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Take a Look at What’s in Mastering the Connecticut Permit Test

Our Study Guide:

Covers EVERYTHING that could be on the CT Permit Test

•Gives you 156 questions, covering any and all possible test information in the EXACT same format (4-part multiple choice) used by the CT DMV

•Covers the answers to ALL 156 questions, so you learn:

•What information you know

•What information you do not know

•While learning how to take the test

•Has 82 different road signs and their meanings

•Provides an easy-to-follow explanation of the Admin Per Se laws, this information WILL be on your test!

•Has helpful information about the driving test procedures

•Explains the Graduated License laws

In other words, we give you EVERYTHING you need to pass the test… and be a good, safe driver!

Don’t waste money taking the CT Permit Test, unless you KNOW you’re going to pass!

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