Driving Instruction for 16 & 17-Year-Olds

Teens - 16 & 17 year olds

A 16 or 17-year old looking to get a driver’s license has two options. They and their parents can choose to be ‘Home Schooled’ which requires the student to take an 8-Hour Drug & Alcohol/Safe Driving Practices class (a parent must attend two of the 8-hours with the student) or choose to be ‘Professionally Schooled.’

Teens that are Home Schooled will need to hold their CT Learner’s Permit for 180-days, and compete their training prior to taking the on-road portion of the driver’s test. Professionally schooled students must hold the permit for 120 days.


It’s a smart idea to contact your auto insurance carrier and ask them, “what would be my discount for my teen driver if they are ‘Professionally  Schooled’ verses ‘Home Schooled'”

The answer to that question will tell you what your discount would be if your child took our Full Teen Course, compared to the 8-Hour class. Keep in mind, if your child goes to college they may stay on your insurance policy until they are in their early 20’s, so the discount you are quoted could really be 5-times more!

We’ve become a popular driving school option for not just the Stamford teens, but we also get quite a few students from Greenwich, Cos Cob, Darien, Norwalk, Old Greenwich and New Canaan because of our services, prices, and convenience!

Please feel free to explore all of the information we have on our website, and if you need additional information, or have questions please feel free to reach out to us. Of course we hope you find our school is your best option, but more importantly, we hope you make the right decision for your teenager!

If you would like to enroll online, simply click on a class below, and in addition to the class details, there will also be an enrollment button.

Teens Have Two Training Options

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Full Teen Course

Our Full Teen Course consists of:

•22-Hours of Classroom Instruction

•8-Hour Drug & Alcohol Class

•8-Hours of On-Road Instruction

During the school year we teach these classes:

•Classes #1-#11 - Monday - Wednesday 6:00p to 8:10p (we have a 10-min break).

•Classes #12-#15 - On Saturdays & Sundays 1:30p to 5:30p

During the summer we add many additional classes for convenience, and to help the student who wants to complete the course quickly, no school offers a faster summer program!

We offer a variety of package options - find the Full Teen Program package that works best for you, click here

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8-Hour Safe Driving Practices Course - ONLY

ALL new drivers must take this class, it's incorporated into our Full Teen Course. The state considers students who only take this 8-Hour class as 'Home Schooled'.

•8-Hour Drug & Alcohol/Safe Driving Practices Class

•Driving lessons can be added to this option

We teach this class every weekend! Unlike many schools, we offer you the chance to complete the course quickly, over just 2-days, this is the fastest way possible to complete this course!

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Driving Lessons for Teens - 16 & 17-Years-Old

Driving Lessons for 8-Hour Class Only Students, And Students NOT Enrolled in Our Full Teen Program

We provide driving lessons 7-days a week! We don't ask students to buy a bunch of lessons to get a discounted rate. Keep in mind students who take the 8-Hour class with us qualify for a discounted rate.

You MUST have a valid Connecticut Learner's Permit (or driver's license) to be eligible for driving lessons. We require at least 24-Hours notice if you need to reschedule a driving lesson (there is a $40.00 for failure to notify us).

Driving Lessons

For all driving lessons we will pick-up and drop-off locally for your driving lessons.

To Sign Up for Driving Lessons Choose the Correct Option

1You have taken driving lessons with us, if that's you, Click Here if you are on a computer, if you are on your phone, Click Here. and log into your account and you can purchase driving lessons.

2If you have not taken driving lessons with us, please complete the form to the right.

3After completing the form you will be taken to a page to create an account (if you have taken the 8-Hour class with us, you can log into your existing account using the links above) and asked to pre-pay for your first lesson.

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