Classroom Training Options

A Comparison of the Two Driver’s License Training Options for a Connecticut Teenager – 16 & 17 Year Olds

Features 8-Hour Class ONLY Full Teen Course - Traditional Driver's Ed Program
Features Meets minimum CT state requirement Provides a comprehensive knowledge base
Structure Complete the class in 1 weekend On-going course, flex scheduling
Classroom Sessions Taught in two 4-hour classes 30-hours of instruction
License Testing Must hold permit for 180-days Can test after holding permit for 120-days
Insurance Discounts Generally not available Usually, and can last until the student is 25 years old
License Testing Can test at DMV or High Ridge Driving School Can test at DMV or High Ridge Driving School
Discounts Yes, discounted driving lessons available Yes, discounts for lessons and testing
Availability Offered every week Class is ALWAYS available
Price $150.00 - Click to Enroll Now $749.00 - Click to Enroll Now