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Regardless of the method of training, you choose for your child, there is one critical element that is often overlooked, the time you spend teaching and working with your child in the car.

Yes, it is essential for parents to driving with their children so they can practice the techniques we teach, and if the student is home schooled, ALL the in-car training falls on you, the parent.

Over the years, we’ve heard many parents express concern about their ability to teach their children. It’s not surprising, think about it, do you know how to teach someone to drive? Have you ever done it before?

If you do think you are equipped to teach someone how to drive, are you confident that you possess the knowledge and insight to teach someone the life-saving defensive driving skills you want your child to have?

Honestly, most people do not have both the knowledge and the teaching ability to provide the level of in-car training necessary to properly train a new driver. If you’re shaking your head no right now stop, we know this to be a fact after teaching thousands of students!

So, we’ve partnered with a fellow driver training professional to offer something we believe is critical for every person who’s teaching someone how to drive, a series of videos to help the teacher and the student.

Our video package consists of 12 short videos that cover the essential tools and skills needed to be a good, safe driver. Each video is short, designed to provide you with information to make the practice session you’re having with your child productive, not just driving around the neighborhood!

The videos are accessed on-line, so you can watch them on your phone, with your child, in the car! Watch each one together, and then you’ve got a roadmap to making that driving lesson with your child constructive and valuable!

And here’s the best part, we’ve made access to these videos incredibly affordable! For only $30 we’ll give you access to ALL 12 video sessions! There has never been a better, and more cost-effective way to improve the driver training your child’s getting!

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