Offsite Tests - Test at Our School

We are part of the CT DMV’s Offsite Testing Program.  Several times a month a DMV Inspector comes to our school and administers the on-road driving test to a group of our students. Offsite testing students will submit all of the paperwork for the test at our school, use our car for the test, and after passing the test – go to the Norwalk DMV to pay their licensing fee and be issued their license.

Only students who are 21-year-olds, or younger can partake in this program.

– If you are enrolled in our Full Teen Course (30 hours of classroom & 8 hours of on-road instruction) the fee to take the test at our location is $135.

– If you are a Drug & Alcohol student or completed your training elsewhere, the fee to take the test at our location is $385 (this includes the state-mandated 2 hours of driving lessons in one of our cars)..

This 2-hour session is NOT designed to teach someone to drive, 2-hours is not nearly enough time to properly teach someone to drive.

Note, according to CT state law, anyone under 18-years old must have spent at least 40-hours of on-road training (which can be provided by a parent) before taking their on-road test.

– If you have already taken 2-hours of lessons, the fee is $195.

Please be aware, the CT DMV requires that we provide them with a certificate stating the student has “attained proficiency in the operation of a motor vehicle, and considered a safe and capable driver by this school in accordance with the provisions of Sections 14-78-36 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.

If, you have not take any classroom or on-road instruction with us, please use THIS LINK to start your registration.

If you have taken any type of driving or classroom instruction, please log into the system – Click Here

If you do not have your login information, you can retrieve it on the link above.

The screen shot below indicates where to look in the portal to register for an offsite test.