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Additional Training Options for Our 8-Hours Safe Driving Practices Students

Driver Training

Our video package consists of 12 short videos that cover the essential tools and skills needed to be a good, safe driver. Each video is short, designed to provide you with information to make the practice session you’re having with your child productive, not just driving around the neighborhood!

Get More Details on the Videos – Click Here

The videos are accessed on-line, so you can watch them on your phone, with your child, in the car! Watch each one together, and then you’ve got a roadmap to making that driving lesson with your child constructive and valuable!

And here’s the best part, we’ve made access to these videos incredibly affordable! For only $30 we’ll give you access to ALL 12 video sessions! There has never been a better, and more cost-effective way to improve the driver training your child’s getting!

Click Here to Get Access to This Video Series Now!

Permit Test Study Guide

Covers EVERYTHING that could be on the CT Permit Test

•Gives you 156 questions, covering any and all possible test information in the EXACT same format (4-part multiple choice) used by the CT DMV

•Covers the answers to ALL 156 questions, so you learn:

•What information you know

•What information you do not know

•While learning how to take the test

•Has 82 different road signs and their meanings

•Provides an easy-to-follow explanation of the Admin Per Se laws, this information WILL be on your test!

•Has helpful information about the driving test procedures

•Explains the Graduated License laws

Get More Details – Click Here

In other words, we give you EVERYTHING you need to pass the test… and be a good, safe driver!

Don’t waste money taking the CT Permit Test, unless you KNOW you’re going to pass!

Order your copy of, Mastering the CT Driver’s Test Now!

Driving Lessons

We provide driving lessons 7-days a week! We don’t ask students to buy a bunch of lessons to get a discounted rate. Keep in mind students who take the 8-Hour class with us qualify for a discounted rate.

You MUST have a valid Connecticut Learner’s Permit (or driver’s license) to be eligible for driving lessons. We require at least 24-Hours notice if you need to reschedule a driving lesson (there is a $40.00 for failure to notify us).


For all driving lessons we will pick-up and drop-off locally for your driving lessons.

To Sign Up for Driving Lessons Choose the Correct Option

  1. You have taken driving lessons with us, or you have taken your classroom training with us, CLICK HERE to log into your account – help is available if you don’t remember your login password.   
  2. If you have not taken driving lessons with us, or your classroom training, please CLICK HERE to create an account and pay for your first driving lesson.