Teen Learner's Permit

Teen Learner's Permit

All new drivers must obtain a Connecticut Learner’s permit, and only the CT DMV issues them.

16 and 17-year-olds applying for a Learner’s Permit need to make an appointment for the test, that must be done online, use this link.

The cost for the test is $40.00.

When you go to the DMV, be sure to bring the proper forms of identification, without them you will not be able to test. Before going to the DMV, download the paperwork checklist, Real ID Checklist. Non-US citizens should also review this information

After providing the proper documentation, the teen permit applicant will take a vision test, and upon passing that they will take a 25-question knowledge test, and to pass they must answer 20 questions correctly.

The test is administered on a computer, but arraignments can be made through the CT DMV for test-takers who need to take the test in another manner, contact the CT DMV for details.

To prepare for the knowledge test the student needs to know the information in the CT Driver’s Manual, you can download the CT Driver Manual copy.

We offer a study guide that many students prefer because the information is presented in a 4-part multiple choice format (like the actual test), with the answers and why. To learn more about this study guide, click here.

After passing the Learner’s Permit test, you will need to pay a $19.00 Permit fee (which also includes the fee for your driving test). If you do not pass the Permit test, you must wait at least 7-days to test again, and pay the $40.00 fee again.

Once you have your CT Learner’s Permit, you can begin your on-road training.

A student with a permit:

•Should only drive in the state of Connecticut.

•Must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 20 years of age, and who has had a license for more than 4 years and has not had his or her license suspended.

•May drive with one or both parents, but must have no other passengers in the car.

Plus a permit holder must not drive on a multiple-lane, limited-access highway until 60 days after issuance of the permit or 30 days if accompanied by a certified driving school instructor.